Welcome to the GURPS Repository

There are a number of GURPS-related wikis already out there - so what distinguishes this wiki from the others?

Well, its main advantage is that the Wikidot.com wiki system permits the use of so-called page templates - these are pre-made forms which allow users to submit specific types of information with standardized formats very quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, it is possible to list all pages within specific categories automatically, which means that you don't even have to know anything of wiki formatting, such as how to create internal links, to create new entries. (In case you do want to do more complex editing, read How To Edit The GURPS Wiki first.)

The following categories for content currently exist:

  • Character Templates (1 entries) - these represent "professional" templates which help you build player characters (or NPCs) more quickly.
  • Index (32 entries) - This is an index of all "official" published GURPS material.
  • Magic (0 entries) - house rules and alternative systems for magic.
  • Maps (2 entries) - Hex maps to place your encounters on.
  • Monsters (335 entries) - this includes both monsters for science fiction and fantasy, and "generic NPCs" without character point costs to throw at your PCs.
  • NPCs (17 entries) - these are fully-written up NPCs with character point costs included.
  • Racial Templates (61 entries) - these are for nonhuman species or other lenses to apply on characters (such as transformation into undead).

All categories have submission forms on their relevant pages. To use them, register at Wikidot.com (see the panel to the top and right of the page), go to the relevant category, enter the name of your entry, and submit it. You can then enter the details of your entry and save it, and it will be listed automatically.

Note: All submissions should either be your own creation, or you should have the permission of the creator to submit them!

Here you can find settings (including conversions) which have their own separate pages - though they may link to the other entries above.

A Note on Conversions

Conversions of other game systems and game settings will out of necessity involve the intellectual property of companies other than Steve Jackson Games, and thus pages with conversion material will require legal disclaimers just like the Steve Jackson Games disclaimer you see on the side bar. While automatically generated pages will usually already include the correct disclaimers, others will need them to be inserted manually. The following page will collect the relevant disclaimers:

Important: Do not add any conversions of games by Palladium, as Palladium is known to send Cease and Desist notes to all such attempts!