Angle's RPM Guidelines for Dungeon Fantasy
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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

In this variant, Mages use Ritual Path Magic for their casting needs. Ritual adept is lowered to costing 30 points, as it no longer contains the connection component - Spells ALWAYS require a connection to work, there is no -5 option.

Wizards prepare their spells before hand, while sorcerors cast their spells spontaneously. Wizards can use either spells they've memorized, or spells they have in a spell book, while Sorcerors can only use spells they have memorized. Either sort of caster may choose to specialize in a specific tradition of magic, if they do they may take Limited: Standard Tradition, -20%. on their magery.


Wizards prepare their spells before hand. They get their magery with Ritual Mastery or Grimoire Only, -40%. At your discretion, you may allow them to purchase Ritual Mastery in whole or in part.


Sorcerors must cast their spells on the spot. They get their Magery with No conditionals, -20% and Ritual Mastery Only, -60%, and have both Ritual Adept [30] and Gathering Mastery [35].


Grimoires contain detailed information on spells. They can allow wizards who don't know the spell to cast it, and give bonuses to any spell cast while reading them. For the most part, use the rules contained within Thaumatology:RPM, page 30. There are a few differences, however. for example, +0 and +1 grimoires exist. For most things

Bonus Weight Cost
+0 1 lb. $35
+1 1.5 lbs. $70
+2 2 lbs. $140
+3 2.5 lbs. $350
+4 3 lbs. $700
+5 3.5 lbs. $1,400
+6 4 lbs. $3,500
+7 5 lbs. $7,000
+8 6 lbs. $14,000
+9 8 lbs. $35,000
+10 10 lbs. $70,000