D&D Monster Conversions

The process of submitting conversions for monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (any edition) is almost identical to the process for submitting other monsters - see the main Monsters page for details. However, it has the following differences:

  1. Do not copy descriptions of the creature in question from published material, but summarize it in your own words.
  2. Add a note explaining in which product the creature was originally published.
  3. Instead of using the form on the main Monsters page to submit the creature, use the form below. This will ensure that (a) the entry will have the "dnd_conversion" tag and (b) that it will have a legal disclaimer specific to D&D.

If you are converting a monster from Pathfinder, please use the following form - it is functionally identical, but has the correct license for Pathfinder material.

Conversion guidelines

List of converted Monster Manuals

List of D&D Monster Conversions

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