Acrobatic Defense
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By jhubertjhubert

[19 for level 1, plus 18 points for each additional level]
Skill: Acrobatics (DX/Hard)

Your amazing acrobatic movements allow you to confound your attackers and move out of harm's way. As long as you have moved at least 1 step during your previous turn, you may expend 1 FP and make a skill roll when you are attacked. On a success, you receive +1 per level of Acrobatic Defense to all of your active defenses for the rest of your turn, as well as a further +2 on your next active defense roll. On a failure, you suffer -2 to your next active defense.

You can buy up to three levels of Acrobatic Defense as a Novice, four as a Journeyman, five as a Warden, and six as a Master.

Statistics: Defense Bonus (Accessibility (only while moving), -10%; Discipline Ability, -10%; Costs Fatigue (1/second), -10%; Requires DX Roll, -10%) [18/level], Perk (Acrobatics applies to all Active Defenses and not just dodge).


Impossible Acrobatics (Hard)
Default: Acrobatics-5; cannot exceed Acrobatics.

You can use your Acrobatics Defense even against attacks that are so massive in scope that they would normally render your active defense inapplicable. You can Dodge even if you are in the very center of a dragon's fire breath, or apply Block or Parry when using your shield or weapon as a lever to catapult you out of the way of a giant boulder. As long as you succeed in both your skill roll and your active defense roll, no harm will befall you or your weapon and shield - though it will not protect you against the aftermath of the original attack, such as when it destroys the building you are currently in.

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