Air Dance
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By jhubertjhubert

Skill: None; passive ability.

A cushion of air propels you forward towards your enemies. By paying 2 FP, you may glide above the ground for one round - not high enough to jump over any obstacles, but high enough not to leave footprints, trigger pressure plates, get toxic liquids on your boots and so forth. During this round, your Basic Move is equal to twice your Basic Speed, subjected to encumbrance as usual (see B17). Furthermore, at the end of your movement you may make a full melee attack without any of the usual penalties to the attack roll for Move and Attack. However, the other penalties to Move and Attack (inability to parry and to retreat) still apply.

Statistics: Flight (Costs Fatigue (2/second), -20%; Discipline Ability, -10%; Low Ceiling (just above the ground), -20%) [20]; Perk (Unique Technique: Running Attack) [1]; Wildcard Technique (Running Attack for all melee attacks) (H) Skill+0 (Accessibility (only when Flight is activated), -20%; Discipline Talent, -10%) [13]

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