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By jhubertjhubert

[21/46 for levels 1-2, +22.5 for each additional level (round up)]
Skill: Any Melee Weapon or unarmed combat skill

You are able to distract your enemies from the attacks of others. One per turn, when you are in melee range of an opponent, you may spend 1 FP to make a Feint maneuver (B365) as a free action. However, the penalties to the target's active defenses apply to the attacks of your allies instead of your attack. You may designate one ally per level of Distract who will receive this benefit for all their attacks against this enemy for their next turn.

Statistics: Extra Attack 1 (Discipline Ability, -10%; Costs Fatigue (1/second), -10%; Multi-Strike, +20%; Single Skill Only (Feint for Others maneuver), -20%) [20], Perk (Unique "Feint for Others" maneuver). Further levels add further levels of Extra Attack and the Linked (+10%) enhancement to all Extra Attacks [22.5/level]


Whirlwind of Confusion (Hard)
Default: Prerequisite skill-5; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

As an All-Out Attack, you may target all adjacent enemies with your Feint.

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