Earthdawn Abilities

"Earthdawn Abilities" is used here as a conversion and expansion of the assorted Earthdawn "Talents" (a term which already has a different meaning in GURPS) - the assorted magical abilities of the Earthdawn Disciplines. While some can be modeled by fairly ordinary advantages, most will be modeled after the power framework from GURPS Psionic Powers. They thus have the following components:

  • A combination of assorted advantages in leveled form modified by further enhancements and limitations - including the Earthdawn Discipline Power Modifier, which defines the inherent limitations of all Earthdawn Abilities and specifies that the relevant Discipline Talent adds to all attribute and skill rolls relevant to the ability.
    • Exception: If the skill specified is a pre-existing GURPS skill (such as "any weapon skill"), then the Talent only adds to the roll if the skill is part of the appropriate Discipline Talent. For instance, a Swordmaster can learn Riposte, which can be used with the Brawling skill - but wouldn't actually get the Talent bonus to the roll.
  • A skill which is required to activate the ability.
  • Possibly one or more techniques which provide special boosts to the ability. As with GURPS Psionic Powers, activating any techniques adds an additional activation cost of 2FP as well as a penalty to the skill roll (which can be bought off for individual techniques).

List of Earthdawn Abilities

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