Engaging Banter
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By jhubertjhubert

[34, +1 for each additional level]
Skill: Fast-Talk (IQ/A)

Your smooth-talking will distract almost anyone. When talking to someone, you may make a Quick Contest between your skill and the Will of the person you are talking to. If you succeed, and as long as you are taking Concentrate maneuvers to continue talking and using this ability, your target will continue to talk and engage in banter with you, as well as suffer -1/level to their Perception. If they notice a major distraction, they can attempt to roll another Quick Contest. If they fail, they will continue to talk to you even in the middle of combat, although the ability will not prevent them from fighting.

You may purchase up to four levels of Engaging Banter as a Novice, five as a Journeyman, six as a Warden, and seven as a Master.

Statistics: Affliction 2 (Based on Will, -20%; Disadvantage (-1 Per/level), -5%/level; Discipline Ability, -10%; Linked, +10%; Malediction (-1/yard of range), +100%; Requires Concentration, -15%; Sound-Based, -20%)[24, +1 for each additional -1 to Per], Mind Control (Discipline Ability, -10%; Linked, +10%; Sound-Based, -20%; Suggestion ("Keep talking to me" only, -60%) [10]


Center of the Crowd (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to Fast-Talk; cannot exceed Fast-Talk.

Your Engaging Banter will affect multiple targets in an area. Choose an area size and location. The range penalty depends on the distance to the closest border of the area, while the technique penalty depends on the radius:

2 yards: -5
4 yards: -10
8 yards: -15
16 yards: -20

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