First Impression
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By jhubertjhubert

Skill: First Impression (IQ/H)

You know how to make a memorable entrance. When meeting someone for the first time, you may roll versus skill. If successful, you gain a bonus of +1/level to your reaction roll or Influence skill roll (keeping in mind that even if you use Public Speaking to address a group, you will only get this bonus against one single target).

You may purchase up to three levels of First Impression as a Novice, four as a Journeyman, five as a Warden, and six as a Master.

Statistics: Charisma (Accessibility (Only when meeting someone for the first time), -20%; Accessibility (only can affect a single person at a time), -20%, Discipline Ability, -10%; Requires IQ Roll, -10%) [2/level]


They are with me (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to First Impression; cannot exceed First Impression.

Your innate charm makes even your friends look better. By taking a -7 penalty to your skill roll, friends and allies within a 2 yard radius get the same bonus to their reaction and Influence skill rolls as you do. Each additional -5 penalty doubles the radius.

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