Graceful Exit
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By jhubertjhubert

[20/80 for levels 1-2, +25 for each additional level]
Skill: Graceful Exit (IQ/H)

With a quick tumble, you leap out of the battlefield, leaving your foes too stunned to react. When moving away from a particular enemy, you may roll a Quick Contest between your skill (applying normal range penalties to your skill roll) and the enemy's Will. If you succeed, the enemy may not follow you or otherwise act against you as long as you keep moving away from him. You may attempt to affect further enemies with Graceful Exit on subsequent turn, but are at -1 to the skill roll for each enemy already affected. Each enemy may only be affected once per combat.

At the second level, you may affect multiple enemies at once as long as all enemies are within a 2 yard radius. Furthermore, enemies considered "mooks" or "unimportant" by the GM do not roll Quick Contests individually but follow the lead of their leader. If all attacking enemies are "mooks" or equally unimportant (such as a swarm of carnivorous fish) then simply roll versus their average Will and apply the result to all of them.

Each further level doubles the affected area. You may purchase up to three levels of Graceful Exit as a Novice, four as a Journeyman, five as a Warden, and six as a Master.

Statistics: Mind Control (Accessibility (Can only affect an enemy once per combat), -10%; Accessibility (only while moving away), -20%; Discipline Ability, -10%; Reflexive, +40%; Suggestion ("Don't follow me/attack me!" only, -60%) [20]. The second level adds Area Effect (2 yards radius), +50%; Cosmic ("Mook" characters fail automatically if their leaders fail) +50%; and Selective Area, +20% [+60]. Further levels increase the Area Effect by one increment for +50%/level [+25/level]


Coordinated Retreat (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to Graceful Exit; cannot exceed Graceful Exit.

You can protect allies from pursuit as well, as long as these allies are likewise moving away from their enemies. Apply -1 to your skill roll per ally affected.

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