Impressive Display
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By jhubertjhubert

[3/5/7/9/12/14/16 for levels 1-7]
Skill: Any skill suitable for a particular performance.

Your astounding performance skills dazzle your observers. You can start a performance designed to impress those who view you which must last for at least one minute - even if the actual act of the performance (such as shooting an arrow at a tricky target) takes less time than that, you must spend the rest of the minute drawing attention to yourself and raising expectations.

The GM can permit any skill suitable to the nature of the performance. At the end of the performance, pay 1 FP and roll a Quick Contest of your skill against the Will of your observers. You gain +1 to reaction rolls and influence rolls against any characters you beat in the Quick Contest for the following minute. You can extend the duration of this effect by paying an additional FP per minute.

This bonus is in addition to all other reaction and influence modifiers (see B494), and GMs should keep other situational modifiers in mind - for instance, successful use of performance skills in appropriate places such as fairs might be worth reaction bonuses on their own, while doing trick shots unasked in a noble's court will probably cause steep penalties.

You can buy up to four levels of Impressive Display as a Novice, five as a Journeyman, six as a Warden, and seven as a Master.

Statistics: Charisma (Discipline Ability, -10%; Costs Fatigue (1/minute), -5%; Preparation Required (1 minute), -20%; Requires Skill versus Will Roll, -20%) [2.25/level]


Memorable Display (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to prerequisite skill; cannot exceed prerequisite.

Your performance is particularly memorable, allowing you to use the bonus to reaction rolls and influence skills even later on. Choose the duration of the effect in order to calculate the penalty:

10 minutes: -4; 1 hour: -7; 3 hours: -9; 1 day: -13; 1 week: -16; 1 month: -19; 1 year: -23.

This duration cannot be expended by spending additional fatigue.

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