Lion Heart
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By jhubertjhubert

Skill: None; adds to Will rolls directly.

Your strong will allows you to shake off the strongest mental attacks. By paying 1 FP, you may add +1 per level to your Will for all resistance rolls.

Statistics: Will (Accessibility (Resistance Rolls only), -20%; Costs Fatigue (1/second), -10%; Discipline Ability, -10%)


Lion's Pride (Hard)
Default: Will-7, with further -5 for each doubling of the protected area; cannot exceed Will.

Your Will is so strong that it even shields nearby allies. When activating Lion Heart, you can grant allies within a 2 yard radius the same bonus you receive (though you take a -7 penalty to your Will, which can be bought off with the technique). Each doubling of the area adds a further -5 penalty.

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