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By jhubertjhubert and Kelly Pedersen

Skill: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skill.

You exploit flaws in an attacker's stance, immediately pressing a counterattack. When you are attacked by an enemy in melee range, you may spend 2 FP before rolling your active defense. If your defense is successful, you may immediately make an attack against your foe, who is at -2 to Parry or for resistance rolls against grappling moves, or at -1 to Block or Dodge. Further levels of Riposte add +1 to both your active defense and your counterattack roll.

You can buy up to four levels of Riposte as a Novice, five as a Journeyman, six as a Warden, and seven as a Master.

Statistics: Extra Attack (Cosmic (Immediately after enemy's attack), +50%; Discipline Ability, -10%; Costs Fatigue (2/second), -20%; Multi-Strike, +20%; Single Skill Only (Counterattack maneuver), -20%) [30], Wildcard Immediate Counterattack technique bought up to combat skill [18], Unique Technique (Immediate Counterattack] [1]. Further levels add Defense Bonus (Accessibility (only versus a single attacker), -20%; Accessibility (Only when Extra Attack is activated), -20%; Discipline Ability, -10%[15/level] and DX +1 (Accessibility: Only to give a bonus to the next attack, -80%; Discipline Ability, -10%) [4/level]

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