Wood Skin
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By jhubertjhubert

Skill: Wood Skin (HT/H)

Some of your blood congeals in the outer layers of your skin and transforms into a tough layer of wood that protects you from injury. Spend 1 HP and make a skill roll. If successful, you gain Ablative Damage Resistance equal to your level in Wood Skin for one minute. Furthermore, the Ablative Armor has the Hardened 2 enhancement (see B47).

You may purchase up to six levels of this ability as a Novice, eight as a Journeyman, ten as a Warden, and twelve as a Master.

Statistics: (Ablative, -80%; Costs Hit Points (1/minute), -10%; Discipline Ability, -10%; Hardened 2, +40%; Nuisance Effect (Obvious), -5%; Requires HT Roll, -10%) [1.25/level]


Elder Oak (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to Wood Skin; cannot exceed Wood Skin.

Your Wood Skin has no flaws that even the keenest blade can find. You can increase the level of Hardened by +1 for each additional penalty of -2 you accept to your skill roll.

Ghost Tree (Hard)
Default: Wood Skin-2; cannot exceed Wood Skin.

Your Wood Skin even extends into the astral plane. Attacks by insubstantial beings such as ghosts and spirits that would normally bypass your armor will need to pass through your Wood Skin first.

Patience of Trees (Hard)
Default: Variable penalty to Wood Skin; cannot exceed Wood Skin.

Your Wood Skin lasts longer than normal. The duration depends on the penalty you accept on the skill roll:

3 minutes: -2
10 minutes: -4
1 hour: -7
3 hours: -9
1 day: -13

Woodlands' Revenge (Hard)
Default: Wood Skin-10; cannot exceed Wood Skin.

Any damage stopped by your Wood Skin is reflected back to the attacker, as per the Reflection enhancement (see B47).

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