Kobold Slinger (Tallor's)
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By Tallor Daniels

Kobolds (Tallor's) are like any other kobold—they are shorter than an average human, wiry, and more cunning than their fenestrated cranium size would imply. These ones are around 4'6" to 5' in height, with slim, scaly bodies. In true koboldian canon, the four pillars of kobold combat are Tricks, Traps, Draconic Devotion, and Shenanigans.

This particular entry goes into the details of the Kobold Slinger,

The Kobold Slinger uses mostly the first pillar, as shown below.

(Note: This monster uses the Knowing Your Own Strength rules from Alternate GURPS IV)

ST: 8 HP: 8 Speed: 7
DX: 13 Will: 10 Move: 6
IQ: 10 Per: 11
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: 0
Dodge: 10 Parry: 9 DR: 1[1]

[1] Kobolds have tough, DR 1 scales. Kobold Slingers wear little armor, but do their best to protect the vital areas. They will often wear DR 3 padded helmets and DR 3 pectorals that cover the vitals from the front AND behind—as kobolds like the option of surviving a rout.

Thrust/Swing (13): 1d-4/1d-2
Slingstaff, Spear Stab (13): 1d-1 impaling; reach 1-2
Slingstaff, Point-Blank (14): 1d piercing; 2 yards
Slingstaff, Near (12): 20 yards
Slingstaff, Midrange (11): 50 yards
Slingstaff, Far (10): 1d/2 piercing; 200 yards

Traits: Catfall; Night Vision 5; Cast-Iron Stomach 2; Peripheral Vision; Flexible
Skills: Brawling-15; Sling-13; Spear-13; Knife-14; Wrestling-14
Techniques: Stab (Spear/Vitals)-11
Class: Mundane, Reptilian
Combat Effectiveness Rating: (not calculated)
Notes: Kobolds will never go using their slingstaffs at point-blank range, so I've added some common engagement distances. These are "levels of safety", meaning the kobold(s) can loose and reload *or* loose and switch to their spear style before a fast attacker can reach them. Kobold Slingers often attack at Near or Midrange, and will only fire Far-range if they are besieged or otherwise of plenty of ammo to use and/or have a good height advantage. When at Near or further, a Kobold Slinger will be using All-Out Attack (Fire/Loose), getting a +2 to hit.

Also, Kobold Slingers' slingstaffs have a spearhead on the bottom, allowing them to hold the haft and stab, like a spear.


Low-Budget Slingers: These kobolds aren't as well-equipped. They use stones instead of lead bullets, giving them -1 to their slings' ranged damage, and can't fire over Midrange. Their slingstaffs have normal hafts, meaning they only do thr+2 crushing, and they do not wear armor.

Kobold Stingballiers: These kobold warriors (pronounced sting-ball-eers) have mixed a bit of Tricks and Shenanigans into their chosen weapon. They use Heavy Slings, but instead of 1-lb lead bullets, they use a hollow, wooden ball—full of wasps. The wasps are a domesticated breed that has learned to ignore the kobolds' cold-blooded bodies, but will otherwise attack anyone near their wooden "hive". A typical kobold cannot sling a stingball past Midrange, and the ball only does a meager 1d-3 crushing on a hit due to its low density. The wasps, however, do 1 piercing damage per turn, are Diffuse, and have about 4 HP. Kobolds will never sell their personal weapons, but if convinced, they will sell heavy slings at normal price, and stingballs at $10 each. They offer no guarantees on how long the wasps will last, though.

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