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These were collected by Travis Foster c. 2004-2005.

Aiming and Snap Shot

09-08-2004, 12:59 PM Re: Rules Help

Originally Posted by Lancewholelot

Now I have a few questions of my own. One turn of aiming gives you the Accuracy (Acc) of the weapon as a bonus, but what about weapons with Acc 0? Now that Snap Shot penalties are no longer a consideration it would seem that one turn of aiming yields no positive effect for Acc 0. Shouldn’t the minimum Acc of a 4e weapon be 1? I’ll likely house rule that aiming an Acc 0 weapon counts for +1 as if it were the second turn of aiming, which makes +2 the max possible after only two turns of aiming.

Without Snap Shot, you don't need to Aim with the kinds of short-ranged weapons that have Acc 0. Just shoot right away. If you must aim, the first second of aiming lets you brace for +1, even if you have Acc 0. But when we wrote the rules, we assumed that most people wouldn't bother to aim Acc 0 weapons, and that these weapons got relatively little out of aiming.

And Penalties

09-05-2004, 12:31 PM Re: Aiming and Scopes

Originally Posted by dirtshredder

When I perform the aim maneuver for the required length of time to get the scope bonus, do I also get the additional bonus for aiming longer than 1 second ( i.e. up to a +2).

Yes. As a general rule, if the Basic Set doesn't say "Ignore the usual effects and use these other ones instead," the effects stack. This goes for anything.

Evaluate and Deceptive Attack

08-27-2004, 11:20 AM Re: Evaluate & Deceptive attack

Evaluate is no different from Aim. If you can point a pistol at someone for a few seconds and get a bonus to hit, then you really ought to be able to wait for a clear opening in hand-to-hand combat for a few seconds and get a bonus to hit. I don't see anything unfair there at all. I also can't see any reason to require a roll, or any sensible way to get better at it … any more than a gunman has to roll to aim, or can somehow "aim better" with practice. The latter is called "high skill," not a technique.

Deceptive Attack does take the target's skill into account, because he gets a defense, and if he's good enough, he can defend despite the effects of the Deceptive Attack. Consider the typical PC vs. senior NPC henchman scenario. Both fighters have skill 18, Combat Reflexes, and a medium shield (DB 2), for a net active defense of 15. The first guy attacks at -8, reducing his skill to the limit of 10. His opponent defends at -4, or 11 — and will probably retreat to make it 12. The attacker has changed an 18 vs. 15 situation to a 10 vs. 12 one, and the defender isn't a whole lot more likely to get hurt. It would only be unfair if we did let skilled fighters buy up Deceptive Attack … which is why we don't.

08-27-2004, 11:29 AM Re: Evaluate & Deceptive attack

Originally Posted by LoganSaj

What if a fighter follows up a feint with a deceptive attack?

Then he probably reams his foe. The bonuses should stack, IMO. If the target of the feint is worried, he can always take All-Out Defense … or get out of range … or just disarm his attacker.

08-27-2004, 11:37 AM Re: Evaluate & Deceptive attack

Originally Posted by ParitySoul

Hmm. What about a talented defender. Parry master or the like?

You'll note that fighters can now take up to three levels of Enhanced Parry before the Basic Set says "Woah, Nelly!" … and that TBAM and WM are no longer rigid prerequisites. Someone with Enhanced Parry 3 could more-or-less not sweat Deceptive Attacks from anyone with skill 16 or less.

The larger point is that it's far easier to get big bonuses to defense rolls — from All-Out Defense (Increased Defense), Combat Reflexes, Enhanced Defenses, retreating, a shield or cloak, etc. — than it is to get bonuses to attack rolls. Mostly, attack rolls take penalties. This is why Deceptive Attack exists in the first place.

08-27-2004, 11:40 AM Re: Evaluate & Deceptive attack

Originally Posted by ParitySoul

Perfect technique for an Assassin.

Or a boxer. Circle-circle-circle-jab-POW! We wanted to create a reason why a fight might last more than a second or two.

09-08-2004, 01:21 PM Re: Feint (throwing weapons)

Originally Posted by lawman

It was allowed before?

Not in the Basic Set, Third Edition, it wasn't. I think some later cinematic rules proposed it as an option.

Originally Posted by lawman

Also, what about deceptive attacks or evaluate with ranged weapons?

These things are specifically for melee attacks. Deceptive Attack is an option under Melee Attacks, while Evaluate specifically states you must use it in melee.

Multiple Attacks

09-06-2004, 02:37 AM Re: Multiple Attacks in 4/e [clarification]

Feel free to let normal people have one Extra Attack with their primary weapon arm. That lets Weapon Master types make three attacks (two as a Rapid Strike, plus a third at full skill). Powers has a few thoughts on allowing even more attacks with the same limb. :)

Spear Damage

08-25-2004, 04:03 PM Re: Thrown spear damage still whacked?

The damage of a thrust/impaling weapon depends heavily on the width of the blade; using two hands doesn't make much difference (unlike when swinging). In theory, then, one- and two-handed spears should do about the same damage. However, spears are slightly awkward one-handed parrying weapons. The -1 to one-handed damage has more to do with maintaining the ability to parry than anything else. If you're throwing it away and not parrying with it, you can go "all out" on the throw and use its full damage.