Agent Blizzard Alpha, Chief of the Winter Court Secret Police (Lesser Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

The finest and most slippery of the Ice Queen's brilliant and unique Elite Intelligence Officers, whose real appearance is unknown but who usually appears as an athletic white stallion with icy blue eyes when he's off duty. Rumors abound that this shape is merely a red herring to throw suspicion off his real public persona, that he is the Winter Queen's lover, and wilder ideas. Though he enjoys playing at the role of the typical smooth-talking, flaky Pooka cad, in truth his resolve is iron and his superhumanly keen senses miss very little.

ST: 21 HP: 21 Speed: 5.75
DX: 12 Will: 16 Move: 8
IQ: 16 Per: 21
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: +1
Dodge: 9 Parry: 12 DR: 20

Hooved Kick (16): 2d+2 Crushing
Horse Bite (16): 2d-3 Crushing
Regular-Speed Slam (16): 2d+1 Crushing

Traits: Combat Reflexes, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Move x1 (Running), Hooves, Horizontal, Magery x2, No Fine Manipulators, Peripheral Vision, Sense of Duty (Nature), Surefooted (Slippery), Trickster (12-), Vulnerability (Iron x2), Weak Bite
Skills: Acting IQ+1 [4]-17, Brawling DX+4 [12]-16, Climbing DX+1 [4]-13, Fast Talk IQ+2 [8]-18, Knife DX+3 [8]-15, Occultism IQ+2 [8]-18, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-15, Traps IQ [2]-16
Spells: Communication/Empathy! IQ+1 [12]-17, Mind Control! IQ+1 [12]-17
Special Powers: Mimic
Class: Faerie
Notes: Prefers to negotiate, but can hold his own in a fight if he has to. His DR comes from a suit of Magical Faerie Half-Illusion / Half-Ice Armor that melts away when he doesn‘t need it and reappears when he does as easily as he Morphs.


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