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By tdsharkey

ST: 22 HP: 25 Speed: 6
DX: 14 Will: 11 Move: 6
IQ: 6 Per: 5 Weight: 300 to 500 lbs.
HT: 16 FP: 16 SM: +1
Dodge: 9 Parry: n/a DR: 6

Bite (12): 2d+1 impaling. Reach C.
Claw (12): 2d+2 cutting. Reach C, 1.
Breath(14): The breath attack may be directed up to ten feet. A successful attack requires a HT roll from the victim. A successful HT roll and the target is nauseated and must make a HT roll at -2 to shake it. On a failed HT roll the target is retching for 2d6 rounds, and then nauseated as above. An aklash may make such an attack every 1d6 rounds, and may make no other attacks when making its breath attack. This attack may only be dodged.

Traits: Acute Hearing 1; Affliction(Breath Attack); Appearance(Hideous); Bad Sight(nearsighted); Bestial; Claws(sharp); Color Blind; Gluttony; High Pain Threshold; Injury Tolerance(No Brain); Regeneration(1hp a minute); Teeth(fangs).
Skills: Brawling-14; Stealth-9.
Class: Ivashu.

The Aklash is a semi-intelligent Ivashu beast known for its awesomely foul breath. They are bipedal, roughly humanoid in form, and range between six and eight feet in height. They generally weigh well over three hundred pounds. Their hairless body is covered with rolls of pale fat which heals with alarming rapidity. The brain is located deep in the upper thorax, and can be struck with a blow to the vitals. Blows to the head do not give any damage bonuses. They will usually attack all out for maximum damage with their claws. Their eyes are poor and monochromatic, but they hear fairly well. Aklash are generally found in higher elevations, and travel in packs of 1 to 6.


Notes: Originally found in Harnworld Ivashu (2002).


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