Athasian Giant
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By moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw#moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw

Note: Adapted from D&D Terrors of the Athas,

Five times the size of a normal man, this giant is almost a caricature of the human physique, with oversized, nearly comical features. The giant is all but naked, save for a
leather loincloth, and great braids of dark hair swinging halfway down the monstrosity’s back.

Standing twenty to thirty feet tall, desert giants resemble massive humans. Their features are
exaggerated in some way: many have huge noses, mouths, brows, chins, or ears. The skin of a desert giant is dark, leathery, and very thick, providing excellent protection against both weapons and the elements. Most wear a minimum of clothing, no more than a loincloth and sandals. The hair of desert giants is dark, coarse, and very strong; they often grow it in braids that are eventually cut
and traded as rope.

ST:50 HP:50 Speed:6.75
DX:15 Will:12 Move:15
IQ:9 Per:12
HT:12 FP:12 SM:+4
Dodge:9 Parry:10 DR:9(5)

Combat: Desert giants prefer to start combat by hurling rocks or
huge spears at their enemies and then entering melee.

Greatclub (15): 8d+2 crushing; Reach 1-2.
Greatspear (15) 5d+18 thrusting, Reach 2-6.
2 Punches (15): 5d+2 crushing; Reach C, 1.
Grab & Squeeze (15/12): 50 vs. ST or HT MoV crushing damage (torso x1/neck x1.5).
Grab & Takedown (15): 50 vs. ST, DX, or grappling skill.
Rock (18): 5d+2 crushing; Range 35; 250 lbs.
Rock (18): 5d-5 crushing; Range 100; 60 lbs.
Rock (18): 5d-10 crushing; Range 175; 5 lbs.
Boomerrang (18): 5d+5 cutting; Range 200, 5 lbs. , returns on a miss, must be caught (DX)

Traits: Acute Hearing -1, Acute Smell -1, Bad Temper, Tough Skin (DR:5), High Pain Threshold, Night Vision -3, Social Stigma, Stubbornness, Bestial

Skills: Club -15, Brawling -14, Wrestling -15, Diplomacy -10, Intimidate -12 *, Boomerrang -15, Thrown Rock-18, Running -15, Profession Shepherd -10, Parry Missile Weapon -15, Gambling -15,
Perform: Drums -12

Class: Giant

Equipment: includes a chitin breastplate (SM +4, $3,125, 112.5 lbs.) giving the giant DR 4 on his torso, mail armor (SM +2, $3,560, 312.5 lbs.) giving him DR 4 to all other locations but the face, where he has DR 5 (Tough Skin), and a greatclub (SM +4, $625, 50 lbs.). He can use his Parry Missile Weapons skill to catch rocks thrown at him on a successful Parry.

Notes:Desert Giant Society
Desert giants gather in clans that live on arid islands in
the Sea of Silt. They subsist by raising herds of erdlus,
kanks, or other creatures. They maintain a limited amount
of trade with inland communities of other races.


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