Baby Cockroach
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By b-dog

ST: 1 HP: 1 Speed: 1.00
DX: 1 Will: 1 Move: 1
IQ: 1 Per:5
HT: 1 FP: 1 SM: -6
Dodge: 5 Parry: N/A DR: 0

Cuteness (0): see below *extra special*

Traits: N/A
Skills: crawling-15
Class: Baby Animal
Notes: Will try to protect magical suit of golden armor by using Cuteness. This power forces a Contest of Skills between the characters Will and the baby roaches Cuteness of 0. Most likely the PCs will overcome the Cuteness because the baby roach is not very cute. But if the baby roach is killed then the party members must make a Will roll at -5 or be overcome with guilt due to the superficiality of what they consider cute and the fact that they just kiled a baby animal. If the PCs fail then they must perform a funeral and then dedicate the suit of golden magical armor as a grave marker and leave the room.


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