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By Faolyn (WolfwereWolfwere)

Note: This creature was originally published in Monster Manual I.

These are classical demons: huge, red-skinned, bat-winged, horns, barbed tail, covered with fire and carrying a flaming whip and flaming sword. They are among the most powerful and cruel of demons, but fortunately they are too caught up in their roles as the kings of Hell that they rarely appear on the Mortal World.

ST: 30 HP: 60 Speed: 9.50
DX: 20 Will: 24 Move: 9
IQ: 18 Per: 20 Weight: 4,500 lbs.
HT: 19 FP: 19 SM: +2 (2 hexes)
Dodge: 13 Parry: 18 (Sword) DR: 15

Flaming Greatsword (24): 5d+8 cutting or 3d+5 crushing, plus 1d burning damage. Reach C-4.
Flaming Whip (24): 5d(0.5) crushing plus 1d burning. Reach 1-13.
Halo of Flame: 3d burning damage (Aura; Emanation; Switchable).
Horns (20): 3d+3 impaling. Reach C, 1.
Punch (20): 3d impaling plus 3d burning. Reach C, 1.
Tail (20): 3d+3 crushing. Reach 2, 3.

Traits: Ally Group (11-20 less-powerful demons; Summonable; Minion; 15 or less); Appearance (Monstrous); Bully (9); Callous; Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision (Color); Dependency (Mana; Constantly); Disturbing Voice; Damage Resistance 30 (Heat/Fire); Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; Energy Reserve 20 (Magic); Enhanced Move 1 (Air Move 36); Extra Attack 1; Flight (Air Move 18; Winged); Fragile (Explosive, only after death; Unnatural); Hidebound; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood; No Vitals); Magery 6; Magic Resistance 8 (Improved); Nictitating Membrane 15; Sadism (6); Striking ST 10; Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unfazeable; Vulnerability (Damage from Truly Good beings, ×2).
Skills: Brawling-20; Broadsword-24; Detect Lies-20; Hidden Lore (Demons)-20; Intimidation-25; Psychology-20; Stealth-20; Tracking-20; Whip-24; Wrestling-20.
Spells: Apportation-20; Curse-20; Detect Magic-20; Dispel Magic-20; Essential Flame-20; Explode-20; Explosive Fireball-20; Loyalty of Good-20*; Madness-20; Mass Suggestion-20; Permanent Madness-20; Protection From Good-20*; Rain of Fire-20; Repel Good-20*; Sense Evil-20*; Sense Good-20*; Suggestion-20.
Class: Demon.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 245 (OR 120 and PR 125).
Notes: Truly evil. Willing to negotiate. On occasion, balors become wizards and know a great many more spells at 24 or higher. Their whips act as if enchanted with Quick Draw, so they can be readied immediately. Their swords act as if enchanted with Defending Weapon 3, Ghost Weapon, and Puissance 3.


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