Bandit Mage
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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin, entered by jhubertjhubert

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 5.25
DX: 11 Will: 14 Move: 4
IQ: 14 Per: 14
HT: 10 FP: 12 SM: 0
Dodge: 7 Parry: 8 DR: 2

Spear (12): 1d impaling; Reach 1. +1 damage and Reach if used two-handed or thrown.

Traits: Magery 2; Social Stigma (Criminal).
Skills: First Aid-14; Spear-12.
Spells: Two of these four spell/skill packages:

  1. Apportation-15; Deflect Missile-15; Missile Shield-15, Poltergeist-15; Winged Knife-15; Innate Attack (Projectile)-15.
  2. Bravery-15; Fear-15; Itch-15; Pain-15; Panic-15; Sense Emotion-15; Sense Foes-15; Spasm-15; Terror-15.
  3. Create Fire-15; Fireball-15; Ignite Fire-15; Shape Fire-15; Innate Attack (Projectile)-15.
  4. Blur-15; Continual Light-15; Flash-15; Gloom-15; Hide-15; Invisibility-15; Light-15.

Class: Mundane.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 22 (OR 16 and PR 6).
Notes: This is usually a humanoid bandit; apply the racial template. Notable equipment includes:

  • A bit of jewelry or ornamentation valuable enough to serve as a power item providing 2 FP, $120, 0.5 lb.
  • Leather Armor (covering all locations except the face), $340, 19.5 lbs.
  • Spear, $40, 4 lbs.
  • $2 x (2d-2) in coins


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