Barbed Mantis
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By Greg 1

A ten-legged, insect-like creature the size of a bull, the Barbed Mantis is an agressive carnivore that lives in jungles and dark caverns. It kills by stabbing with its legs, each of which ends in a barbed point. It can attack a single target with up to three of these in a single turn at no penalty. If the Barbed Mantis manages to sink its leg into flesh, it will detatch the leg so that it can grow a new one. The barbed foot will remain in the wound with the leg attached. A character is at -2 to Dodge and to all DX skills for each Barbed Mantis leg attached to their body. The leg can be broken off by doing 5 damage to it, but removing the barb will require the use of the Surgery skill. If the barb is simply yanked out, it will do as much damage coming out as it did going in.

The Barbed Mantis heals incredibly fast. It can regrow a leg and regenerate 5 Hit Points per turn.

Unless on alert, the Barbed Mantis produces a chittering, clicking noise that sounds a little like laughter. They will often leave trees or cavern ceilings covered with their yellow eggs - adults will never be far from where the eggs are stored. Both the flesh of the Mantis and the eggs are said to be delicious.

ST:25 HP:40 Speed:7
DX:12 Will:10 Move:4
IQ:4 Per:12
HT:12 FP:30 SM:2
Dodge:10 Parry:N/A DR:3

3 x Stabbing Legs (18): 2d6 imp

Traits: Bestial, Clinging, Extra Legs (10 legs), Night Vision 3, Semi-Upright, Super Climbing 3
Class:Dire Animal


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