Barrow Keener
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By Greg 1

A Barrow Keener is an evil undead creature best known for its beautiful and magical singing voice. It appears to be a corpse in an advanced state of decomposition and it may be dressed in any fashion since Barrow Keeners rise from the dead of all classes. They specialize in sad songs and have an uncanny knack of knowing which songs a listener is most likely to be depressed by. Many Barrow Keeners sing even when alone, giving warning of their presence to alert adventurers.

The Barrow Keener is unable to attack physically. However, while singing, the Barrow Keener may target one listener per turn. If the listener loses a contested Will roll against the Barrow Keener, they fall asleep onto the ground, lost in dreams of the saddest times of their life. They may be awakened normally. Several Barrow Keeners may sing together in harmony, even while targeting different listeners. If Barrow Keeners succeed in putting the entire party to sleep, they will transport them, without waking them, to somewhere very dangerous, then leave them there. If a Barrow Keener is "killed" it will rise again the next night unless a Final Rest spell is cast on it.

The stats about represent an ordinary Barrow Keener. An exceptional individual is likely to rise an as exceptional Barrow Keener, with many or all of the abilities that they had in life, and then perhaps some learned in undeath. In Dungeon Fantasy, ambitious Barrow Keeners are particularly likely to pursue class abilities as Bards, Necromancers or Wizards.

Barrow Keeners often know a great deal about history, literature and music and could potentially be useful sources of information, but they are malicious and untrustworthy.

ST:12 HP:20 Speed:6
DX:12 Will:14 Move:6
IQ:14 Per:14
HT:12 FP:N/A SM:1
Dodge:12 Parry:10 DR:0

No Attacks

Traits: Doesn't Breathe, Eat/Drink or Sleep, High Pain Threshold, Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving), Unhealing
Skills:Singing-20, Stealth-20


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