Beholder, Eye of Flame (Boss)
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By rolandonrolandon

Note: This creature was originally published in D&D 4th Edition

A floating Beholder of 3 yards of diameter. It's fiery red in color.

ST:20 HP:30 Speed:6
DX:10 Will:16 Move:18
IQ:13 Per:13
HT:14 FP:14 SM:2
Dodge: Parry: DR:5

Bite (18):2d+1 imp

Traits: Will +3, Eidetic Memory (1 level), Hit Point +10, Lightning Calculator, Mana Damper (cone 3 yards long and 3 yards wide at the end, 4 levels of mana damper), Reduced Consumption 2 (Cast Iron Stomach), Night Vision (3 llevels) Early Maturation, Enhanced Move (3 levels, Flight), Scales (Carapace, DR 5), No Neck, Regrowth, Striker (Fangs, Impaling), 360-Degree Vision (Eyestalks), Tunnel, Flight (“Low Ceiling”, 1,5 yards), Innate Attack (Burn, 4d), Extra Attacks (7). Reputation (creature loving genocide and destruction of whole cultures, -4 to the reaction), Intolerance (against any other creature), Megalomania, Sadism, Paranoia, Appearance: Horrific, Bad smell, Odious Racial Habit (eat other sentient creatures) Dying Race, No Fine Manipulators, Short Lifespan (1 level)
Skills: Innate Attack 18; Brawling 18; Stealth 18
Class: Alien


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