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Note: This creature was originally published in Dark Sun boxed set, then later on

When seen from a distance, this creature appears
human, but its blue skin, clawed hands and webbed,
three-toed feet soon give it away. The creature has no
teeth, no visible ears, and its hair is black and stringy.
Belgoi are a race of savage humanoids that live in the
most desolate of places, since no other race will allow
them nearby. Belgoi seem to revel in destruction, and are
considered to be second only to the defilers in the damage
they do to the world around them.

ST:10 HP:14 Speed: 6
DX:13 Will:11 Move: 6
IQ:11 Per:11
HT:10 FP:10 SM:
Dodge:9 Parry:10 DR:2

Attack: Claw (13) 1d cutting 1d ST resisted by DX
Bell Ringing (14): Belgoi use a bell to focus their domination power. A domination target who hears the
belgoi‘s bell receives a –2 penalty on his Will resist

Traits: Infravision, Claws, High Pain Threshold, Bestial, Appearance (Ugly), Odd Diet 5,

Skills: Hide 11, Intimidate 13, Observation 13, Light Step 13, attraction -12, brain lock -12, ego whip empty mind 12, psionic dominate 12.

Belgoi speak their own language and the Common

Belgoi attempt to use the cover of darkness to mask their attacks. Usually, when attacking a group of
creatures, they use their domination power to draw a single individual away from the main group, to a place where they can use their Strength damage ability uninterrupted. They then attempt to draw out the next creature, and so on, until they feel confident that they can
overcome the rest of the group without loss. If forced into melee combat, the belgoi use claws so
they can use their Strength damage ability, and usually will not use weapons. When a battle turns against the belgoi, they retreat and return later with reinforcements. Only by killing the entire raiding party can a battle with belgoi be prevented from turning into a long running engagement lasting for days.

Strength Damage (Ex): An individual struck by a
belgoi‘s claw attack takes 1d6 points of temporary
ST damage, unless the belgoi scores a critical hit, in
which case the target takes 2d6 points of temporary
ST damage instead.

Belgoi Society
Belgoi form large nomadic tribes that move into an area, strip it of all resources, and then move on. These tribes send out raiding parties that attack caravans and
small villages, hoping to obtain food and treasure. They will eat anything.
Environment: Deserts
Organization: Party (1-10), tribe (30-100)

Class : Humanoid (Psionic)


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