Black Rune Skeleton (Lesser Worthy)
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By Mailanka

Standard skeletons are far too weak for most necromancers. Some take their time, however, carefully scribing powerful runes and staining the bones a glistening, wet black in powerful ink. When complete, they raise the skeleton with great care and effort, creating a Black Rune Skeleton.

These powerful servants resist the effects of magic. Furthermore, they drain the life of all nearby, drawing it into them while plants die and children wail. Often, they seem dead or on the verge of death when they rise again from a pile of bones, restored by their aura. Necromancers often reinforce their lesser skeletons with a scattering of these durable creations.

ST: 10 HP: 15 Speed: 6.50
DX: 12 Will: 16 Move: 6
IQ: 8 Per: 8
HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: 0
Dodge: 9 Parry: 10 DR: 2*

Rending Finger Bones (12): 1d-3 crushing. Reach C.
Old Scimitar (14): 1d+1 cutting. Reach 1.

Traits: Appearance (Monstrous); Automaton (Reprogrammable); Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana, Constantly); Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Fragile (Brittle, Unnatural); High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All Mind Control); Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, No Brain, No Eyes, No Vitals, Unliving); Magic Resistance 5; Mute; No Sense of Smell/Taste; Skinny; Single-Minded; Temperature Tolerance 10; Unfazeable; Unhealing (May heal with Vampiric Aura); Vampiric Aura (Magical); Vulnerability (Crushing Attacks ×2)
Skills: Broadsword-14; Shield-14.
Class: Undead
Combat Effectiveness Rating 24 (OR 14 and PR 10).
Notes: Black Rune Skeletons are mechanically identical to normal skeletons except for their improved combat capability, magic resistince and vampiric aura. Do not negotiate. Truly evil.


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