Bloodbeast (Boss)
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By rolandonrolandon

There are a number of beasts that recur again and again in the bestiaries of sages and the cautionary tales of nursemaids; their powers become more and more exaggerated through the years. Some creatures, however, turn out to be just as black as they have been painted: one such is the Bloodbeast.
The origins and distribution of the Bloodbeast are obscure. Certain physical features, such as its tongue, and skin texture and mutability, as well as its semi-aquatic lifestyle, suggest an Amphibian heritage, although it is quite clearly a Monster now. It may be related to similarly hideous amphibious beasts such as the Chaos Slime Beast and the Pool Crawler. Its closest relative is likely the Pool Beast.
Also, despite being a denizen of dungeons, it would appear rare. Complicating this is another quote suggesting the Bloodbeast is actually a sewer-dweller. Folklore suggests it may be well known, and thus distributed, across northern Allansia at least.
Another theory, based on the words of an adventurer meeting the Master of Frogs states that the Bloodbeast may originally have been native to Scorpion Swamp, and if the sewer-dwelling rumours are true, are then Bloodbeasts to be found in the sewers of the cities.
This monstrosity is large, at least four metres long, and so bloated it can never leave the pool of foul slime that has supported its bulk since it was spawned. Its hide is tough and leathery, protected by thin spines and coloured the disgusting grey-green of a creature that has never seen the sun. Its head appears to consist of a myriad all-seeing eyes spread in a wide sweep above an enormous toothy maw, that also contains a long slimy pink prehensile tongue.
The Bloodbeast's one major weakness has always been its two real eyes, so it has evolved hundreds of fake 'eyes' that rise in crimson blisters before bursting open on its head. Anyone taking on the creature will need a lucky strike to hit its real eyes and pierce its brain. Attempting such a blow, however, means avoiding the thing's tongue. Unless its opponent can slash off the tongue with a dagger, they will be dragged into the pool, where the powerful acidic slime will quickly decompose their body, until it is ready to be eaten.
Finally the Bloodbeast's pool of acidic slime gave off a toxic gas that required a successful HT roll to avoid. Those unfortunates who fail the roll are defeated by the fumes and faint, to be dragged by the creature's tongue into the pool to their doom. This is a normal feature of a Bloodbeast's lair.

ST:30 HP:50 Speed:6,5
DX:12 Will: Move:-
IQ:4 Per:15
HT:14 FP:20 SM:3
Dodge: Parry:- DR:12

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Traits:Affliction (Pool of Acid, HT -4, Choking), Combat Reflexes, DR 12, Slimy Tongue (ST 32, 4 hexes), 20 Extra Hit Points. Appearance (Hideous), No Legs (Sessile), Wild Animal
Skills: Innate Attack (Missile) +3-15
Class: Creature of Chaos
Notes: This horror comes from the videogame "Deathtrap Dungeon"


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