Buzz Hopper
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By Greg 1

The Buzz Hopper appears to be a giant grass-hopper, some four feet long. Allas, the Buzz Hopper is a bad-tempered dire animal with a deadly attack. It regurgitate and spit a razor sharp cud that makes a distinctive low buzzing sound as it cuts through the air. If a Buzz Hopper feels threatened, it will take a turn to leap ten yards backwards to take itself out of range. Buzz Hoppers are hated by farmers and dungeoneers alike. They are, however, delicious, and a meal of fresh hopper meat will restore 1d Fatigue and sweeten bad-breath.

ST: 6 HP: 8 Speed: 2
DX: 6 Will: 2 Move: 2 / 10 jumping
IQ: 2 Per: 7
HT: 10 FP: 6 SM: 0
Dodge: 7 Parry: N/A DR: 2

Spit Cud (12): 1d-1 imp, range 20

Traits: Bestial, Semi-Upright
Class: Dire Animal


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