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By - moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw#moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw, using the hill giant from this site

Note:This is a classic cyclops from Greco-Roman Mythology

A hideous one-eyed giant with a nasty disposition and a powerful father.

ST:25 HP:25 Speed:5.75
DX:9 Will:10 Move:6
IQ:8 Per:8
HT:14 FP:14 SM:+2
Dodge:8 Parry:10 Catch missiles 12 DR:3*+2

Greatclub (14): 5d+3 crushing; Reach 1-2.
2 Punches (14): 2d+3 crushing; Reach C, 1.
Grab & Squeeze (14/11): 20/25 vs. ST or HT MoV crushing damage (torso x1/neck x1.5).
Grab & Takedown (14): 25 vs. ST, DX, or grappling skill.
Rock (13): 2d+4 crushing; Range 15; 125 lbs.
Rock (13): 2d+2 crushing; Range 20; 60 lbs.
Rock (13): 2d crushing; Range 30; 30 lbs.

Skills: Axe/Mace-14; Brawling-14; Climbing-15; DWA (Brawling)-14; Intimidation-16; Throwing-16; Wrestling-14.
Class: Mundane – CE Large humanoid (giant).
Notes: 10’ tall, 1100 lbs. Languages Giant. Environment temperate hills. Organization solitary, gang (2–5), band (6–8), raiding party (9–12 plus 1d4 dire wolves), or tribe (13–30 plus 35% noncombatants plus 1 barbarian or fighter chief of 4th–6th level, 11–16 dire wolves, 1–4 ogres, and 13–20 orc slaves). Treasure standard; hide armor, greatclub (treat as oversized mace, $75), other treasure.



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