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By Collective Restraint

Note: This creature was originally published in the 3E Monster Manual.

ST: 20 HP: 20 Speed: 6.75
DX: 13 Will: 12 Move: 6
IQ: 10 Per: 14 Weight: 650 lbs.
HT: 14 FP: 14 SM: +1 (2 hexes)
Dodge: 10 Parry: 11 DR: 5

Pincer (15): 2d+3 cutting plus follow-up paralysis from tentacles (Resist HT-2) for 2 seconds for each point by which the victim failed to resist. See notes. Reach C, 1.

Traits: Amphibious (Water Move 4); Combat Reflexes; Constriction Attack; Cutting Striker (Pincers); Doesn’t Breathe (Gills); Immunity (Poison); Infravision.
Skills: Brawling-15; Stealth-16; Swimming-16; Wrestling-15.
Class: Mundane.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 86 (OR 58 and PR 28).
Notes: After a successful attack with the pincer, the hit location is automatically grappled if the victim’s SM is equal or lower than the Chuul’s SM. After grappling a victim, the Chuul can then transfer a victim from its pincer to its tentacles as a Ready maneuver. The tentacles grapple with the same ST but can’t constrict. Each second the victim must try to resist the paralytic secretion of the tentacles (see above) while getting bitten automatically for 2d-5 large piercing damage.


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