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By Faolyn (Wolfwere)

Note: This creature was originally published in Monster Manual I

Cloakers look like black, leather cloaks, but are actually manta ray-like beings that eat people and possess an alien intelligence

ST: 18 HP: 18 Speed: 6.00
DX: 13 Will: 13 Move: 2
IQ: 10 Per: 13 Air Move 12
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: +1
Dodge: 10 Parry: n/a DR: 2 (Tough Skin)

Bite (13): 1d+1 cutting. Reach C.
Constriction: Damage is equal to the cloaker’s ST minus the higher of the target’s ST or HT.
Subsonic Moan: Terror 1; Auditory; Accessibility, Not on creatures with Subsonic Hearing.
Tail Slap (13): 1d+3 crushing. Range 1, 2.

Traits: Bestial; Callous; Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision; Double-Jointed; Flight (Low Ceiling, 10 yards); Impulsive (12); Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction 2; No Vitals); Limited Camouflage (Looks Like A Cloak); Magery 1; Mute; No Legs (Aerial); No Manipulators; Short Lifespan.
Skills: Brawling-13; Disguise (Cloak)-20 (includes +2 for Limited Camouflage); Survival (Dungeons)-13; Wrestling-13.
Spells: Blur-15; Illusion Disguise-13; Simple Illusion-13.
Class: Mundane.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 51 (OR 23 and PR 28).
Notes: Their wings are not actually used in flight, so damaging them won’t hinder their movement.


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