Creeper (Boss)
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By rolandonrolandon

Creepers are gigantic monstrosities. They were designed by the Men of the Old World, and were used in the Great Wars. They were originally operated by humans, but later became autonomous. Most were destroyed, but a few still survived.

In the New World, The Creepers were first discovered by Federation soldiers, who used it in their war against the Dwarves. Creepers are nearly impossible to destroy, and Padishar Creel was the only human who ever managed to kill one, by stabbing it with a ballista bolt. Several others were used in battle against the Elves. In addition, entirely metallic Creepers were found in the land of Parkasia. Shadowen Creepers had magic augmentation and needed magic to live, like their masters. (The Talismans of Shannara)

Their true precursors were discovered in an encounter in the The Elves of Cintra at the Oronyx Robotics Factory. Spiderlike robots larger than an Armored Personnel Carrier awaken and attack Logan and the Ghosts when they attempt to loot the premises. These robots had tracking systems and laser weapons, and were still functional over a hundred years after the apocolyptic conditions took over. In the Elves of Cintra, these robots were maintained by small maintenance robots that cleared away debris and repaired damage. Likely, the Creepers in the New World are modified descendents, and the Creepers and robots from Antrax were nearly unmodified from their original construction thousands of years ago.

ST:50 HP:100 Speed:7
DX:12 Will:- Move:14
IQ:3 Per:16
HT:13 FP:- SM:+4
Dodge:11 Parry:- DR:30

Laser Cannon (14):6d*10(2)
Nausea Carbine (14):HT-4 aff (1 yd)
Semi Portable Electrolaser (14):HT -8(2) aff; 1d-1 burn linked

Traits: Machine Meta-Trait; 3 Attacks; Radar; Parabolic Hearing; Sensitive Smell; Ultravision
Skills: Tracking 18;
Class: Automaton
Notes: This horror comes from the books of Terry Brooks.


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