Demon Witch (Lesser Boss)
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By rolandonrolandon

The Demon Witch is the High Priestess of the Agarash turned into a terrible monster: it has four arms, two with Wolverine-like claws, one wield a sword and one wield a shield. It reach a terrible berserk-like state in combat. The appearance of the Witch is humonoid, but has a frog-like face. The skin is deep green.

ST:15 HP:20 Speed:7,5
DX:15 Will:15 Move:10
IQ:12 Per:15
HT:12 FP:15 SM:1
Dodge:11 Parry: DR:4

Claws (18): 2d+3
Claws (18): 2d+3
Sword (20): 3d

Traits: Combat Reflexes, 2 Extra Attack, Berserk, Bloodlust, Sadism, Appearance (Hideous)
Skills: Stealth 18, Sword 20, Brawling 18
Class: Demon
Notes: This monster come from the videogame "Deathtrap Dungeon"


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