Drow, Wizard (Worthy)
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By rolandonrolandon

Note: This creature was originally published in

ST:9 HP:9 Speed:5,5
DX:12 Will:17 Move:5
IQ:15 Per:15
HT:9 FP:12 SM:0
Dodge: Parry: DR:-

Magic (20):see specific spell

Traits: Attractive, Extended Lifespan 4, Infravision, Magery 4, Magic Resistance (Improved) 4, Night Vision 5, Perfect Balance, Sanitized Metabolism, Callous, Phobia (Heliophobia) (12), Intolerance, Sadism
Skills: Innate Attack (Projectiles, Beam) 18, All the spell of Illusion, Necromancy, Body Control 20
Class: Mundane (Elf-kin)


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