Elite Pixie Honor Guard (Lesser Worthy)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

The best of the best Pixie Soldiers, usually encountered protecting one of the grand Queens of the four seasons or carrying out her direct bidding. They are as fragile, flighty, and eager as their lesser brethren, but more brave, more alert, more experienced at the arts of war, and capable of brewing their own poisons in the field. They also tend to have a more romantic temperament and a heightened appreciation for beauty, consistently enough that it may be a positive factor in their selection, but their steely determination to please their Queen by putting a poisoned arrow into the eye of anyone who needs it outshines all else about them.

ST: 5 HP: 1 Speed: 6.75
DX: 17 Will: 15 Move: 6/12
IQ: 12 Per: 15
HT: 10 FP: 10 SM: -6
Dodge: 10 Parry: 11F DR: 0

Pixie Shot (23): 1d-4 impaling (Acc 1, Range 50/75, RoF 1(2))
Teeny Tiny Fine Rapier (17): 1d-2 Impaling

Traits: Appearance (Attractive +1), Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Dodge, Impulsive (12-), Flight (Winged), Lecherousness (12-), Magery 0, Night Vision 3, Sense of Duty (Nature), Silence X2
Skills: Bow DX+6 [24]-23, Intimidation Will+2 [8]-17, Poison IQ-1 [2]-11, Rapier DX [2]-17, Stealth DX+6 [24]-23
Class: Faerie
Notes: Willing to negotiate, especially if they receive praise from the heroes or are in danger of not completing a mission otherwise. Always have venom of some kind.


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