Elf Wizard
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By b-dog

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 6.0
DX: 13 Will: 15 Move: 7
IQ: 15 Per: 15
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: 0
Dodge: 9 Parry: 10 DR: 2

Staff (15): 1d+3 thrust, 2d+3 swing.
Breathe Fire (13): 1d+1 burn per FP spent (up to 3) (Spell List #1)
Burning Touch (13): 1d burn per FP spent (up to 3) (Spell List #1)
Flame Jet (13): 1d burn per FP spent (up to 3) (Spell List #1)
Explosive Fireball (15): 1d burn per 2 FP spent (up to 6) for up to 3 seconds (Spell List #1)
Fireball (15): 1d burn per FP spent (up to 3) for up to 3 seconds (Spell List #1)
Lightning (15): 1d-1 burn per FP spent (up to 3) for up to 3 seconds. Metal armor has DR 1 against this spell. If the target is wounded, he must make a HT roll, at -1 per 2 HP suffered, or be stunned. He may attempt a HT roll each turn thereafter to recover. (Spell List #1)

Traits: Appearance (Attractive); Forest Guardian 2; Magery 3; Sense of Duty (Nature).
Skills: Staff-15; Stealth-13; Thaumatology-15; Tracking-12. A wizard with Spell List #1 also has Innate Attack (Beam)-13, Innate Attack (Breath)-13 and Innate Attack (Projectile)-15.

  • Spell list #1: Breathe Fire-18; Burning Touch-18; Concussion-18; Create Air-18; Create Fire-18; Deflect Energy-18; Explosive Fireball-18; Extinguish Fire-18; Fire Cloud-18; Fireball-18; Fireproof-18; Flame Jet-18; Flaming Armor-18; Flaming Missiles-18; Flaming Weapon-18; Heat-18; Ignite Fire-18; Lightning-18; Purify Air-18; Rain of Fire-18; Resist Fire-18; Shape Air-18; Shape Fire-18; Smoke-18; Sound-18; Spark Storm-18; Stench-18; Thunderclap-18; Wall of Lightning-18, Windstorm-18.
  • Spell List #2: Apportion-18; Blackout-18; Blur-18; Colors-18; Complex Illusion-18; Continual Light-18; Darkness-18; Daze-18; Fascinate-18; Flash-18; Foolishness-18; Haste-18; Hide-18; Hinder-18; Hush-18; Illusion Disguise-18; Illusion Shell; Invisibility-18; Mage Stealth-18; Mass Daze-18; Mirror-18; Perfect Illusion-18; Phantom-18; Silence-18; Simple Illusion-18; Sound-18; Voices-18 Wall of Silence-18.

Class: Mundane
Notes: -


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