Fiendish Creature
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By JerrilJerril

Note: This creature was originally published in the D&D 3.5 edition Monster Manual.

Fiendish creatures are dark mirrors of "normal" creatures, originating from the lower planes. Fiendish Creature is a lens that can be applied to any creature of the Elder Thing, Fey, Mundane, and Ooze origins.

Fiendish Creature Lens (33 points)

Traits: Damage Resistance 5 (Limited: Cold and Fire,-30%) [18]; Dark Vision [25]; Magic Resistance 3 [6], Smite Good (Burning Attack 1d; Follow-Up: All Attacks, +50%; Low Signature, +10%; Accessibility ("Good" creatures only), -20%; Limited Use: 1/day, -40%; Missing Damage Effect: Non-Incendiary, -10%; Moral, -20%) [4]. _Evil Disadvantages [-15]; Appearance (Unattractive; Universal, +25%) [-5].
Class: Demon.
Notes: Fiendish animals have a malign cunning that belies their bestial appearance; racial IQ of Fiendish Animals should usually be raised to 6, and optionally some of the Wild Animal mental disadvantages can be bought off. Will and Perception should be left at the same level as the base creature. As the point cost of this adjustment varies wildly, it is not included in the lens.

All Fiendish creatures are wicked, and should take at least -15 points of "evil" disadvantages: Bloodlust, Callous, Compulsive Murderer, Odious Personal/Racial Habit: Eats Sophonts, Sadism, Selfish, and so forth, but Weakness and Vulnerability to Holy items, Revulsion of holy substances, and various other "supernatural" disadvantages are also appropriate. -15 points of disadvantages have been factored into the lens cost; characters may take as many further "evil" traits as the GM lets them get away with.

Many Fiendish creatures qualify for Social Stigma: Monster, but as this trait may already be present on the base creature, and is not strictly mandatory, it is not included in the lens.


A higher-powered "evil monster from hell" upgrade is the Half-Fiend lens. A 50-point "From Hell" lens is presented in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1.

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