Flail Snail
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Flail Snail

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These are giant snails with eight-foot high shells and a mass of tentacles on their head, each of which ends in a knobby club. Their iridescent shells and tentacle clubs are rock-hard. They will chase down attackers or beings that threaten their young but are otherwise inoffensive beasts that eat lichen and algae.

ST: 19 HP: 19 Speed: 5.00
DX: 8 Will: 8 Move: 4
IQ: 1 Per: 10
HT: 12 FP: 12 SM: +1
Dodge: 8 Parry: 8 DR: 15 (Shell); 2 (Flails); 0 (Body)

Flails (10): 2d+2 crushing, Reach C, 1. The flail snail has one attack each round per flail, and they have between three and six flails. Each flail has 5 HP of its own and is DR 2.

Traits: Extra Attacks 2-5; Invertebrate; Magic Resistance 5 (shell only); No Legs (Slithers); Striker (Flails; Crushing); Vibration Sense (Sense of Perception); Wild Animal.
Skills: Brawling-10; Survival (Underground)-10.
Class: Dire Animal.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 44 (OR 24 and PR 20). This is for a 3-flailed snail; add 5 to OR and CER for each extra flail.
Notes: Notes: Flail snail shells are in much demand by skilled armorers; who can make shields out of them that are innately magical—treat as Defending Shields with a +1 enchantment that weigh 2/3 as much as a regular shield does.


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