Gavaran (Alfar Warrior)
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By b-dog

ST: 16 HP: 18 Speed: 7.25
DX: 16 Will: 18 Move: 8
IQ: 16 Per: 18
HT: 13 FP: 20 SM: 0
Dodge: 11 Parry: 14 DR: 8 (Magical Wooden Armor)

Broadsword (20): 1d+2 thrust cutting, 2d+3 impaling

Traits: Appearance ( Very Attractive); Dependency (Mana; Constantly); Forest Guardian 2; Magery 3; Sense of Duty (Nature); Imbuement 3; Reduced Consumption 4; Regeneration (Very Fast, 1 HT per second, does not regenerate meteoric weapon attacks).
Skills: Staff-15; Stealth-13; Tracking-12
Imbuements: Chilling Weapon-18; Electric Weapon-18; Ghostly Weapon-18; Incendiary Weapon-18
Innate Attacks: Flame Jet-18 3d damage; Frost Jet-18 3d damage; Lightning Bolt-18 3d damage; Wind Jet-183d damage.
Spells: Gavaran knows just about any spell at level 18 but he has learned Resurrection and Remove Curse at 30 in order to try to bring back his beloved Trillian.
Class: Faerie
Notes: He commonly rides on Gavaran's Griffin.


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