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Note: This creature was originally published in Monster Manual I

Genies are rare and powerful magical beings from the elemental planes. In their true form, they look like strong, larger-than-life Humans with a strong elemental tinge to them; they may look like they’re made of stone, or their hair may appear to be on fire, for instance. They’re masters of illusion, though, and so rarely appear in their true form, lest someone attempt to enslave them—they’re subject to the same sort of controlling spells as Demons. They hate being enslaved because they must obey their masters to the letter and are completely helpless to free themselves (or other trapped genies). Strangely, despite their hatred of slavery, they often take slaves themselves. Genies have an odd relationship with clergy of any faith: they are deeply respectful to them, but also deeply afraid of them.

Note: Concepts for this form of genie were also taken from the genie description in GURPS: Fantasy. In addition, there are some changes of my own.

ST: 22 HP: 40 Speed: 7.75
DX: 17 Will: 16 Move: 7
IQ: 14 Per: 16
HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: +1
Dodge: 10 Parry: 13 DR: 8

Change Size: The genie can change someone's size at will, enlarging or shrinking them. Affliction (Advantage, Growth 3, Maximum Size Only; Extended Duration, ×10) or Affliction (Advantage, Shrinking 6, Maximum Size Only; Extended Duration, ×10).
Punch (18): 2d-1 crushing. Reach C, 1.
Weapons (20): Genies typically carry a weapon with an exotically-shaped blade; no matter how unwieldy these blades look, they don’t become unready after a parry. Glaive (4d+3 cutting or 2d+3 impaling; Reach 1-4*), Kukri (4d cutting or 2d impaling; Reach C, 1), or Broadsword (4d+5 cutting or 2d+3 cutting; Reach C, 1).

Traits: Appearance (Varies: can be Monstrous or Very Handsome; Impressive); Bad Temper (15); Create 10 (up to 1,000 lbs; Anything; Accessibility, for Master Only; Cosmic); Create 5 (up to 125 lbs; Anything; Cosmic); Dark Vision (Color); Dependency (Mana; Constantly); Divine Curse (Enslaved genies must obey the Master’s orders to the letter, cannot fight against its Master, and cannot free themselves or other genies through force or magic); Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; Dread (Holy Symbols; Insensitive; Larger Radius (3 yards)); Flight (Air Move 21); Fragile (Unnatural); Energy Reserve 25 (Magical); Gizmo 4; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood; No Vitals); Invisibility (Can carry objects, Light Encumbrance; Fringe; Switchable; Visible Reflections); Jumper (World; Reliable 2; Extra Carrying Capacity, Medium Encumbrance); Lifting ST 10; Mana Enhancer 1 (Area Effect, 2 yards; Switchable); Magery 4; Magic Resistance 2 (Improved); Microscopic Vision 2; Mimicry; Overconfidence (9); Payload 5 (“Katana space”); Regeneration (Slow: 1 HP/12 hours); Regrowth; Selfish (9); Stubbornness; Super Luck (Reality-Altering; Wishing; Only for Master); Telescopic Vision 2; Telesend (Universal; Sensie); Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unfazeable; Wild Talent 4; Vow (Never harm a cleric or holy person; Great); Vulnerability (Damage from Holy source, ×2). They also either have Voice or Disturbing Voice.
Skills: : Acting-20; Carousing-18; Diplomacy-20; Disguise-20; Fast-Talk-20; Hidden Lore (Genie Lore)-20; Hidden Lore (Magical Items Lore)-19; Hidden Lore (Magical Writings Lore)-19; Intimidation-20; Knife-20; Law (Contract)-18; Merchant-18; Polearm-20; Psychology-18; Savoir Faire (Servant)-20; Stealth-20; Teaching-18; Thaumatology-18; Theology-18; Tracking-18; Two-Handed Sword-20.
Spells: Bless-20; Curse-25; Lesser Wish-25; Wish-25; Great Wish-25; Illusion & Creation!-30; Making & Breaking!-30. They often have additional spells from other colleges as well (especially the Food, Plant, and Protection and Warning colleges), usually at skills of 18 or higher.
Class: Elemental.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 203 (OR 91 and PR 112). This does not take into account the lenses.
Notes: Willing to negotiate. 5 points of their DR comes from Force Field; the other 3, from Tough Skin. Affected by True Faith. Genies can be considered to have 250 character points with which they can stabilize their creations. In order to stabilize beyond that, they either have to earn XP or destroy a previous creation.

In addition, each Genie takes one of the following lenses:

  • Earth Genie: Body of Earth (Switchable); Create 10 (Earth, Stone, and Metal; Cosmic); Enhanced Move 2 (Through Earth; Move 28); Immunity to Earth and Stone Attacks; Permeation (Earth, Stone, and Metal; Can Carry Objects (No Encumbrance); Meld 1); Penetrating Vision (Earth, Stone, and Metal Only); Speak with Animals (Earth-Based Animals Only); Striking ST 5. Earth!-30
  • Air Genie: Body of Air (Switchable); Create 10 (Air and Gases; Cosmic); Enhanced Move 4 (Fly 112); Immunity to Air and Cold Attacks; Speak with Animals (Air-Based Animals Only); Aerobatics-20; Flight-25. Air!-30
  • Fire Genie: Body of Fire (Switchable); Create 10 (Fire, Smoke, and Heat; Cosmic); Enhanced Move 1 (Ground; Move 14); Immunity to Fire, Heat, and Smoke Attacks; Penetrating Vision (Smoke); Speak with Animals (Fire-Based Animals Only). Fire!-30
  • Spirit Genie: Acute Detect; Ally (Ghosts and Spirits, up to 100% of genie’s value; Summonable; Minion; 15 or less); Contact Group (Ghosts and Spirits; Skill of 18; Reliable); Detect (Ghosts and Spirits); Insubstantiality linked with Invisibility (Switchable); Jumper (Spirit World Only; Reliable +2); Medium; See Invisible. Knowledge!-30.
  • Water Genie: Body of Water (Switchable); Create 10 (Water, Ice, and Steam; Cosmic); Enhanced Move 6 (Water); Immunity to Water, Cold, and Weather Attacks; Pressure Support 3; Speak with Animals (Aquatic Animals Only); Speak Underwater; Aquabatics-20; Swimming-25. Water!-30
  • Wood Genie: Body of Wood (Switchable)*; Create 10 (Plant materials; Cosmic); Move 2 (Ground; Move 28); Immunity to Plant-Based Attacks (including wooden weapons); Permeation (Wood); Plant Empathy; Speak with Plants; ; Plant!-30. (* Alternatively, this can be Body of Leaves (from Plant Magic).)


This version of genie could easily be treated as a form of powerful, capricious nature spirit rather than as an elemental being.

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