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By Gnome

Geopedes are deadly giant centipedes, capable of digging through almost anything. They often enjoy the advantage of surprise, burrowing under their victims and dragging them down into the earth.

ST:19 HP:21 Speed:6
DX:11 Will:12 Move:6/4 (tunneling)
IQ:2 Per:12
HT:12 FP:12 SM:+1
Dodge:9 Parry: DR:4

<Attack> :Pincer Slash 13 [2d cut/imp]
Bite 13 [2d-1 imp]

**Traits: Fangs, Long Talons, DR +4 (exoskeleton), Tunneling 4 (can burrow through earth at Move 4, stone at Move 2, p94), Vibration Sense (Air) (can sense general outlines of objects through vibrations in the air, p96), Peripheral Vision (broad arc of vision, p74), No Legs (Slithers) (actually has a hundred legs, p145), Horizontal, Wild Animal, No Fine Manipulators

Skills: Brawling 13, Wrestling 13
Class: Giant Animal


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