Giant Eagle
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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

A big eagle.

ST: 12 HP: 12 Speed: 6.25
DX: 12 Will: 10 Move: 36 (Air)
IQ: 5 Per: 13
HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: 0
Dodge: 9 Parry: n/a DR: 1*

Talons (16): 1d-1 cutting or impaling. Reach C. The giant eagle can use these as part of a slam, turning the damage from the slam into cutting or impaling, and the giant eagle can grapple on the same turn.
Beak (16): 1d-1 large piercing damage. Reach C. This attack cannot benefit from a slam.

Traits: Acute Vision 4; Attentive; Enhanced Move 1 (Air Speed 36); Flight (Cannot Hover; Winged); Ham Fisted (-6); Incurious (12); Loner (12); Penetrating Voice; Peripheral Vision; Short Arms 2 (Foot Manipulators); Telescopic Vision 1; Uncongenial; Wild Animal.

Skills: Aerobatics-12; Brawling-16; Flight-15; Survival (Mountains or Woodlands)-12; Wrestling-14.
Class: Giant Animal.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 52 (OR 44 and PR 8).
Notes: Ground Move is 2.


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