Goblin Dog
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By ThalassogenThalassogen

Note: This creature was originally published in Pathfinder Adventure Path "Rise of the Runelords" Part 1 "Burnt Offerings".

A large, filthy dog looking like a rat with festering blisters all over it.

ST: 13 HP: 13 Speed: 6.0
DX: 12 Will: 10 Move: 10
IQ: 4 Per: 10
HT: 12 FP: 12 SM: 0
Dodge: 9 Parry: n/a DR: 1

Bite (13): 1d-1 cutting + follow-up affliction (Resisted by HT; allergic reaction: itching rash, DX-1 and reactions-1 for margin of failure hours; effects do not stack).

Traits: Appearance (Ugly); Discriminatory Smell; Domestic Animal; Immunity to Disease; Infravision; Quadruped; Sharp Teeth.
Skills: Brawling-13; Stealth-13; Tracking-13.
Class: Animal.
Notes: Stinking. Move 8 if ridden by goblin commando.


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