Golem, Flesh
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By Collective Restraint

Note: This creature was originally published in the 3E Monster Manual.

ST: 21 HP: 25 Speed: 5.25
DX: 9 Will: 10 Move: 5
IQ: 0 Per: 10 Weight: 500 lbs.
HT: 12 FP: N/A SM: +1
Dodge: 8 Parry: 9 DR: 2

Slam (12): 2d+1 crushing. Reach C, 1.

Traits: Automaton; Berserk* (See Notes); Cannot Learn; Darkvision; Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Infravision; Doesn’t Sleep; DR 3 (against non-magical and non-adamantine weapons); Immunity (All mind control); Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous); Magic Resistance 20; Night Vision 5; Single-Minded; Unfazeable; Unhealing (Partial, See Notes).
Skills: Brawling-12.
Class: Construct.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 61 (OR 9 and PR 52).
Notes: Magical attacks that deals cold or fire slows a flesh golem same as the Decreased Time Rate disadvantage for 2d seconds. A magical attack that deals electricity damage breaks any Decreased Time Rate effects on the golem and heals 1 HP for each 2 points of electricity damage.
A flesh golem in combat has greater chances of becoming Berserk the longer it stays in that mode. Roll for Self-Control each second of combat and use the table below for the target number.

Seconds in combat Self-Control Number
1 17
2 16
3-5 15
6-10 14
11-16 13
17-25 12


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