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Note: This creature was originally published in S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojancth

Although similar in appearance to a chimera, the gorgimera is a far worse monster. This sterile cross-bred has the hindquarters and head of a gorgon, metallic blue in color; the forequarters and head of
a lion; and the mid-body, wings, and head of a red dragon. Gorgimerae speak a very limited dialect of Red Dragon.

ST:40 HP:44 Speed:
DX:14 Will:7 Move:7 (12 flying)
IQ:7 Per:
HT:14 FP:40 SM: +1 (12' long, 25' wingspan)
Dodge:8 DR:1 (lion) 6 (bull) 5 (dragon)

2 claws, 2 bites, 1 butt

  • claws: R1, 2d-1 cut
  • gore: RC, 2d+1 imp
  • dragon bite: R1, 3d+1 cut
  • lion bite: RC, 2d-1 cut


  • the gorgimera has two breath weapon attacks, each use causes 10 FAT:
    • gorgon: 10 yards long x 3 yards wide (cone), Dodge to avoid (move 1 hex), save vs. HT or turned to stone
    • dragon: 17 yards long x 6 yards wide (cone), Dodge to avoid (move 1 hex), save vs. HT for ½ damage, does 3d6 fire damage
  • in battle roll d6 each round (1: dragon breath, 2: gorgon breath, 3-6: physical attack)

This was created for Gurps 3ed.


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