Green Hag
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By Greg 1

The Green Hag is a malicious faerie plant creature. Invisible to both normal vision and infravision, if seen, it looks like an ugly old woman made of gnarled and twisted roots. Found in forests, jungles and dungeons, the Green Hag loves to persecute people by following them around secretly, bringing them danger and harm through judicious use of Plant spells. The Green Hag will avoid getting into personal combat, but enjoys assaulting her victims magically and attracting monsters to them. Her great skill in Stealth and Tracking, along with her Plant magic, can make it very hard to shake a Green Hag who has taken a dislike to one. In Dungeon Fantasy, exceptional Green Hags may advance as Druids or Wizards.

On occassion, Green Hags will ally themselves with other plant creatures, as protectors, guardians or spiritual advisors. This can bring their interests into line with people who are committed to protecting nature. However, the Green Hag always carries a fundamental hatred of sentient animal life and collaboration can only end in betrayal.

Green Hags make their homes in holes or in old trees, where they often stash valuable spices and potions.

ST:12 HP:24 Speed:5
DX:13 Will:15 Move:7
IQ:9 Per:16
HT:12 FP:24 SM:0
Dodge:9 Parry:8 DR:3

Clawed Hand (14)1d cutting
Traits: Doesn't Breath; Doesn't Sleep; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous, No Blood); Invisible, Unfazeable.
Skills:Brawling-14, Climbing-20, Stealth-20, Tracking-20, all Plant College spells at 21.
Class:Faerie, Plant
Notes: The Green Hag knows all of the spells of the Plant College at 21. Most are fluent in Elvish, Orcish and Pixie.


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