Grell, Common
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By rolandonrolandon

Note: This creature was originally published in AD&D 2nd edition

The grell is levitating creature with a body like a giant olive-colored exposed brain the size of a human and with a frontal beak, below which trails ten long pale olive-green tentacles. Grell are usually found underground and are particularly dangerous and vicious. The tentacles carry small spines that inject paralyzing venom into a victim. There are three types of Grell: Common, Philosopher, Patriarch
Below there are the stats for Grell, Common

ST:14 HP:17 Speed:6,25
DX:12 Will:8 Move:6
IQ:10 Per:10
HT:13 FP:13 SM:0
Dodge: Parry: DR:-

<Attack> (<Skill>):

Traits: Fit, 3D Spatial Sense, Constriction Attack, Doesn’t Eat or Drink, Extra Arms (2 metri, 10 tentacles), Flight (Low Ceiling, 10 yrd), Penetrating Voice, Radar Sense, Sensitive Touch, Special Rapport (with the Philosopher, 5 points), Stretching (3 livels), Venom (Paralyzing, HT-2), Claws (Sharp), Horns (Beaks, Butting), Drain Emotion (4 livelli). Odious Personal Habits (feeding on the desperation), Albinism, Low Pain Threshold, Sadism, Dependency (Occasional, Illegal), Selfless (6), Will –2, Invertebrate, Appearance (Horrific).
Skills: Drain Emotion IQ +2
Class: Alien


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