Harharha'raror, Demon Prince (Epic Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

A twisting, writhing sphere of staring eyestalks and drooling, lipless mouths that hovers in midair by no visible means and speaks with several voices slightly out of synch with each other. Though he commands cerebral magics and is often consulted on matters esoteric by the most potent necromancers, and also commands a respectable legion of various types of demons and a large, inhospitable tract of Hell, he is a fairly straightforward sort at heart(s) and his principle interest is devouring people alive (nearly-innocent people with one fatal flaw by preference, often after tricking them in some horrible bargain and/or with great pomp and ritual).

ST: 20/22* HP: 48 Speed: 7.50
DX: 12 Will: 22 Move: 7/14*
IQ: 16 Per: 19
HT: 18 FP: 20 SM: +2
Dodge: 10 Parry: 11 DR: 10

Sharp Teeth (16): 2d+1 Cutting
Regular-Speed Slam (16): 4d+2 Crushing

Traits: 360° Vision (Multiple Eyestalks + Lg Central Eye, -6 to hit), Appearance (Horrific), Bloodlust (12-), Bully (12-), Callous, Cannot Harm Innocents (Only prevents direct harm to truly good or holy folk), Double Jointed, Extra Mouth x5, Flight, Fragile (Unnatural), Gluttony (6-), Hard to Kill x3, Immune to Metabolic Hazards, Immunity to Mind-Affecting Magic, Indomitable, Invertebrate, Life Bane, Magery x3, Night Vision x5, No Fine Manipulators, Sadism (12-), Selfish (12-), Striking Strength +2, Trickster (12-), Unfazeable, Vulnerability x2 (Holy Weapons)
Skills: Acting IQ-1 [1]-15, Brawling DX+4 [12]-16, Fast-Talk IQ+1 [4]-17, Hidden Lore (Demon Lore) IQ-1 [1]-15, Innate Attack (Gaze) DX+4 [12]-16, Intimidation Will+3 [12]-25, Occultism IQ+3 [12]-19, Stealth DX [2]-12, Wrestling DX+2 [8]-14
Spells: Knowledge! IQ+2* [12]-18, Meta! IQ+2* [12]-18, Movement! IQ+2* [12]-18
Special Powers: Blood Caster x3, Hypnotic Eye (Unholy / 1 Eye Only), Stone Visage (Unholy / 1 Eye Only), Vampiric Aura (Unholy / 1 Eye Only)
Class: Demon
Notes: Costs 85 energy to summon. All too willing to negotiate. Truly Evil.


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