Hell Clown (Lesser Worthy)
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By rolandonrolandon

The Hell Clowns are initiates of Agarash Cult. They are some human turned into mad death-machines by their Dark Master. Their speed, dexterity and skill with the rapier and other fencing wapons are devastating. They confuse their enemies with witticism and acrobatic feats. They are so fast than they may attack twice with the same weapon without make a All-Out Attack

ST:11 HP:11 Speed:7
DX:16 Will:13 Move:7
IQ:11 Per:11
HT:10 FP:10 SM:0
Dodge:11 Parry: DR:-

With Weapon (18): 1d+2
With Weapon (18): 1d+2

Traits: 1 Extra Attack, Fearlessness, Daredevil, Double-Jointed, High Pain Threshold, Rapier Wit, Appearance (Ugly), Sadism, Bloodlust
Skills: Acrobatics 18, Rapier (or another fencing weapon) 18, Fast-talk 18
Class: Demon
Notes: This monster come from the videogame "Deathtrap Dungeon"


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